Breaking Boundaries: An Interview with Sandeep Goel, MD of Moglix on the Power of Getting Uncomfortable

Late November in 2022, I boarded a flight from Delhi to Hyderabad, and walked through the aerobridge, as I was greeted by a smiling airhostess “Sir, welcome aboard” it suddenly struck me that I was without mask, and she did not ask me to put one either. I had an almost instant smile on my face as the realisation dawned that Covid is now officially a thing of the past. The realization triggered a series of happy feelings – freedom, excitement, relief and above all finally “being normal”. And I reflected what a year it has been – 2022, a year of challenges and triumphs.

Prioritization was to ensure we spend our time on the right set of things, and rigor was required to ensure we do a good job of delivering on selected priorities when you run things on high rigor, conflicts are bound to come up.

Sandeep Goel said
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