Connecting to New Growth Opportunities: The Gorakhpur Link Expressway

Packing a punch within a 91 km expanse, the Gorakhpur Link Expressway will have a total commercial outlay of INR 5876 crore. The expressway will connect the Gorakhpur district to the Purvanchal Expressway in Azamgarh district.

UP Government’s 3rd Major Infrastructure Development Roadway:

The Gorakhpur Link Expressway is the third announcement after the Ganga and Purvanchal expressway road projects announced by the state government in recent years. Clearances and inauguration were approved in 2018, and by January 2022, more than 50% of the earthwork had already been completed. 

The chosen contractors (Apco Infratech and Dilip Buildcon) will build the expressway according to the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) model. It is expected to improve ground connectivity between Gorakhpur and Azamgarh and reduce travel time to less than 5 hours. The Gorakhpur link expressway will be linked with Varanasi through a separate link road in the future.

A Stellar Addition to An Ever-Impressive list of National Infrastructure Projects (NIP) in India:

The project is completely access controlled and will have relief service roads for local transport. It is expected to cover two toll plazas, three ramp plazas, 27 minor bridges, more than 50 vehicular underpasses for light vehicles, 16 vehicular tunnels and more than 30 pedestrian underpasses. 

Highway to Economic Inclusion and MSME Growth:

The project was in danger of being severely delayed by the Covid19 pandemic and labor and supply chain issues caused by the two phases of the lockdown. However, through better planning and extraordinary efforts by the contractors, the project is expected to regain lost time to achieve its previous completion targets. The environmental footprint by reduced travel time and distance is enormous. It will also provide much-needed logistical relief to many industrial training and medical institutes expected to be built along the expressway.

Contractors dealing with a high complexity layer of suppliers for raw materials, expected delays, lockdowns and labor issues would do well to digitize their procurement backbone through a centralized platform for better visibility and predictability. 

A Digital Procurement Solutions Approach for New-Age Contractors:

As one can imagine, a project of so many moving parts needs intense coordination in procurement and the supply chain of raw materials. A single missing link in the chain results in labor inefficiency, time delays and a bloated budget. Some key takeaways for contractors and suppliers to usher in a transformation in crucial infrastructure projects:

  • Adopt a flexible, reliable and digital procurement solution to reduce the PR to PO cycle. A slight reduction in the time cycle can have a lasting impact on costs. 
  • Digital procurement enables end-to-end flexibility and transparency of the procurement chain, involving many materials like TMT bars, cement plates and ready mix concrete. 

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