Unicorn HR leader, Saumya Khare, talks about hiring trends and careers opportunities with startups

Moglix is a technology-first company. The technology industry respects innovation and innovation at scale mandates skill over and above experience. As pioneers of digital supply chain transformation in India, we believe in challenging the status quo, conducting controlled experiments to explore new solutions that did not exist before. The skill set that our people  bring to the table is critical to our capabilities to bring new ideas, new products, and new solutions for the manufacturing supply chain.

Startups have been at the forefront of the new economy, creating tremendous value, creating some of the most amazingly useful and efficient solutions that have saved lives and livelihood of people. Starting your career at a start-up is an accelerator. 

While answering to the audience Saumya said

“To understand if a startup will scale up or not, you will have to go beyond the cosmetics and understand the business model. That will help you make an informed choice. All founders want their startups to scale and that is why they are passionate about building it from ground level. Ultimately, you need to judge if you are convinced about the business model & potential and it is aligned with your skill sets”

In the technology industry, new waves of innovation continuously shape the dynamics of who stands where.

To summarize she said “startups offer fantastic opportunities for learning, empowerment while working, opportunities to work in different segments of interest and a very fast paced environment where you can see the direct impact of your work, & are just not a cog in the wheel”

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