India – A beacon of light in the gloomy world of economic turmoil

On the occasion of  76th  Independence day, Rahul Garg talks about India’s unprecedented growth. 

On her diamond jubilee of Independence, India is setting the pace for science, technology, manufacturing and a collective rise in the quality of living for the world to follow. When we won our independence in 1947, the share of national investment in science and technology was 0.1 per cent of the GDP. After a fractious partition and centuries of a colonial hangover, we immersed ourselves into a mode of nation-building that can serve as an example for any young nation todav. 

Digital nirvana enabled by startups 

As more quintessential Indian consumers shift to a digitally native approach, startups are fulfilling this transformation by addressing the consumer experience gap. The B2B and D2C category provides a secondary business substrate to a new generation of creators with unlimited reach. Startups are at the heart of India’s service-oriented economy’s transformation into a product-led behemoth. 

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