Moglix Aims to Give a Digital Boost to Big-Ticket Infra Projects

On the opportunities from big-ticket projects and tier-II, tier-III transformations

Year 2022 will be a complete game-changer in the infrastructure sector. There will be a plethora of mega projects in the National Infrastructure Pipeline. The planned expenditure on the National Infrastructure Pipeline over the next five years stands at USD 1.5 trillion. The 35 percent CAPEX spending hike is historic. With the PM Gati Shakti Master Plan, both the financial and digital project monitoring frameworks will be in place, pushing immaculate planning and agile execution.

Role of your platform towards bringing in the desired change for infra space

Large EPC companies in the infrastructure sector that work on turnkey projects face a significant pain point in calibrating actual project costs to the estimated project costs. They get orders on a fixed-price model. The delays in the execution phase lead to fluctuations in sourcing: both costs and availability along with the offline approval workflow gap. This is where technology integration in the infra supply chain space can help.

Moglix helps large EPC companies increase their adoption of a digital supply chain solution to make project management seamless and efficient. Further, the digital procurement solution offers intuitive insights into hidden pockets of efficiency that have enabled the EPC company to consolidate its supplier base.

Goals set for the year 2022

Moglix’s goal for the year 2022 in the infrastructure sector is to partner with EPC companies that are building India by enabling their supply chain through four levers. These levers include (i) thrust on expansion into core construction material categories, (ii) fostering innovation in new material development, (iii) digital procurement transformation, and (iv) promoting the adoption of sustainable construction materials, processes, and practices.

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