Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Human Resource Management

Human resource management’s future lies in making the business function more empathetic and individual-centric while creating governance mechanisms, reporting structures, and systems that ensure horizontal and vertical equity. Artificial intelligence can enable human resource leaders to zero down the gaps with people by leveraging data and digital transformation and make the dialogue between employees and employer enterprises seamless.

Fast forward to 2021. One year after the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, enterprises are pivoting towards digital transformation, and HR leaders are increasingly leaning on data percolating from such digital touchpoints.

Mandate for Greater Adoption of AI across Six Pillars of HR

  • AI for Performance Management
  • AI for Learning & Development
  • AI for Communication & Coordination
  • AI for Talent Acquisition
  • AI for Compensation & Benefits Design
  • AI for Work Environment Planning

Contrary to misconstrued perceptions, artificial intelligence is not about mechanising human behaviour or replacing humans with machines. It’s about augmenting human potential with data-driven decision-making and unlocking the boundaries of what human imagination deems and does not deem as being possible.

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