Abheet Dwivedi, Senior Director, Moglix, Speaks on the Future of Infra Supply Chain in India

“With the inception of the National Infrastructure Pipeline, India’s investment in the infrastructure sector as a percentage of the GDP is now at 8.5%, which is quite phenomenal when you look at historical trends of our infra spending.”

Abheet Dwivedi, Senior Director, Infra & PSU

Moglix is into the supply of materials; every material that is needed in the infra value chain. Abheet Dwivedi, Senior Director, Infra & PSU was in conversation with ET Infra for the podcast “The Future of Supply Chain in India”. During the conversation, Abheet Dwivedi shared his perspective on a range of questions concerning the infrastructure industry vertical and how Moglix is disrupting the infrastructure supply chain space for EPC companies with a unique offering of a digitally integrated suite of supply chain solutions. Here are the excerpts of the conversation: 

Interviewer: So, let me begin by asking you about the long-term spending by the infrastructure companies say in the next five years under this national infrastructure pipeline, what do you make of this?

Abheet: Thank you…. So, firstly, if you look at historical spend perspective, from the 2000 onwards all the way up almost 2016 -17. With the NIP, national infra pipeline coming into the picture, this spend has actually more than doubled to in the current budget to almost 3.5%. we are spending close to eight and a half percent of our GDP on infra which is quite phenomenal compared to the levels we had historically seen….

Interviewer: And what about the digital project management under the ambitious PM Gati Shakti plan, which was unveiled by the Prime Minister in October?

Abheet: ….One thing that has historically been missing is “how efficiently are we spending the infra budget”, right. We have started measuring this more coherently now. I would like to mention four major initiatives….

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