Pioneering B2B e-commerce and Supercharging SME Growth

Moglix is the first industrial B2B e-commerce platform to enter the unicorn club. Set up in 2015, we have grown at 500% for three consecutive years now. With 7 lac SKUs across 50+ categories of MRO spanning a price range of INR 50 to INR 1 crore, Moglix offers the largest and widest range of industrial goods in India. 

We pioneered GST compliant e-invoicing required for audit trail and input tax credits at all levels in the B2B supply chain. We have enabled RFQ placing for getting quotes on bulk procurement. We also offer consultative selling for customers to improve performance and reduce product costs and the total cost of ownership. We enable suppliers to promote their brands and build equity with MSMEs and direct customers, offering discounts and product updates for customers under our loyalty program.

In the last 6 years, we have grown four to five times in terms of top line. We have enrolled 5,00,000 MSMEs and 16,000 suppliers into India’s digital economy and created jobs for our 1000 strong workforce. We have 35 locations in India, Singapore, UK and Middle East and we have expanded our global sourcing portfolio to a very large extent. We believe that India will be going through the same rush in the B2B e-commerce segment as the B2C segment. With deeper penetration of smartphones among rural and suburban users and digital financing, India has an opportunity to revel in the benefits created by the  digital economy. In the next 5 years, we are looking at a 20X growth of the SME business.

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