How Tech Trends are Reshaping the Procurement Efficiency

The procurement industry is experiencing a trend where 74% of supply chain management leaders are not maintaining their investments in procurement but also increasing them. This indicates a recognition of the role that technology plays in overcoming procurement related challenges. To improve efficiency and reduce costs the industry, including MRO procurement is embracing emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) Predictive Analysis and Blockchain. Let’s explore these trends further.

Emerging trends in Procurement industry for 2024

Here are some emerging tech trends that are evolving the procurement efficiency:

Artificial Intelligence in Procurement

AI is utilized in software tools like spend analytics contract management and strategic sourcing to solve problems efficiently in digital procurement. The projected growth rate for AI in procurement stands at 55.2% from 2017 to 2025 with a market reach of $1.3 billion by 2024. This shows that AI enhances data comprehension, cost savings and operational improvements making procurement more efficient and competitive. E-procurement systems complement these AI advancements by streamlining procurement, enhancing automation, accuracy, and strategic decision-making.

Blockchain in Procurement

Another emerging trend is the use of Blockchain technology in procurement software. By ensuring security, transparency and efficiency Blockchain tracks transactions, from their origin to payment thereby enhancing trust and eliminating vulnerabilities.The World Economic Forum highlights that by removing hindrances in supply chain management across trade we could potentially witness a 5% boost in global GDP and a substantial 15% increase in global trade. 

Notable advantages include visibility into the supply chain, the implementation of smart contracts to streamline operations and significant cost reductions. While traditional tools still hold value there’s no denying that Blockchains long term impact on procurement is profound; it paves the way for heightened efficiency and noteworthy financial savings.

Predictive Analytics in Procurement

Procurement departments are rich in data, essential for strategic planning. The rising importance of predictive analytics enables forward-thinking decision-making, a competitive advantage acknowledged by over a third of leaders

For optimal use, setting up a spend analysis system and integrating diverse data sources is vital. This approach leads to improved supplier management, better risk anticipation, precise spending forecasts, and alignment with key performance indicators, thereby enhancing procurement’s agility, efficiency, and strategic significance within an organization.


As we look towards the future, it’s evident that the procurement industry is on the brink of a technological revolution. Technologies like AI, Blockchain, and Predictive Analytics are not just trends, but pillars of a new era in procurement. These innovations promise enhanced efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and strategic depth, fundamentally transforming procurement practices. For insights into cutting-edge solutions like MRO procurement,procurement software, e-procurement systems, and digital procurement, visit Moglix Business Solutions for a glimpse into the future of procurement. You can download the case study for detailed insights.

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