Moglix is set to transform the Packaging Industry in India

Rahul Garg, CEO & Founder, Moglix says ‘We are set to transform packaging industry in India’ and talks about how Moglix has become India’s largest cost-effective packaging solutions provider. Moglix is enabling brands to adopt end-to-end sustainable packaging solutions. We are partnering with brands to help them identify and transition so they can achieve packaging sustainability compliance ahead of the phased SUP ban to be effective from 2022.

Our packaging vertical is meeting the packaging needs for more than 70% of e-commerce orders in the country. We are giving source-to-site packaging supply chain solutions to large manufacturers across industries to resolve their challenges of limited shelf life of perishables, pilferage, spoilage, and wear and tear during transit journeys for domestic and global trade. Moglix is also focusing on Food & Beverages, Textiles, Cosmetics and Personal Care, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare, Automotive Packaging solutions.

As a brand, the packaging for your product is a manifestation of all the effort gone into your product. As a user, the moment you see the packaging, you are assured of the safety and quality of the product. That is why packaging holds a special place for businesses.

Rahul, says

Moglix is a one-stop solutions provider for packaging needs. Our products go through 3 levels of quality check and comply with government regulations. We are reducing the costs of compliance with the amendments to the Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2021 that will come into effect from July 01, 2022, and enabling large enterprises to hit the ground running with agility. Through our supplier capability mapping process, we are continuously expanding our pan-India packaging supplier base, thereby reducing the costs of supplier search and product development for sustainable packaging solutions.

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