Pipe Dreams: How Industrial Piping can aid a circular economy

With sustainability and environmental awareness becoming hot topics in various industries today, the term ‘circular economy’ is becoming increasingly common. At its core, a circular economy is an economic system that aims to keep resources in use for as long as possible, extracting the maximum value from them while minimizing waste and pollution. Interestingly, there’s an unlikely but essential area to focus for commercial enterprises, while making the journey from a linear to a circular system — Industrial pipes.

Industrial pipes: A crucial piece of the puzzle in achieving circularity

Industrial piping is an indispensable part of modern infrastructure. Poor choice of industrial pipe materials could not only cost your business lakhs of rupees in extensive maintenance and repair but could also have severe and far-reaching environmental consequences. 

Copper pipes, for instance, are particularly vulnerable to pinhole leaks arising from pitting corrosion. Debris can also be incredibly harmful in copper piping, resulting in uneven corrosion and causing some parts to decompose faster. Galvanized steel is a bit more rust-resistant, but piping in this category with threaded ends can be prone to leaks. 

Water leakage from such industrial piping can cause the wastage of precious resources. And if the materials that leak into the surrounding environment are harmful industrial chemicals and gases, they could affect the immediate ecosystem severely. 

Sustainability in different types of industrial pipes

Your business can avoid these grim prospects by choosing the right type of industrial pipes. Industrial pipes can also contribute to a circular economy in many ways. For example, pipes made from recycled plastic or metal can save on the use of virgin resources and reduce wastage. 

Pipes made from durable and long-lasting materials can also be used longer, further extending the use of resources. They can also be efficiently processed at the end of their usable life, avoiding additional environmental harm. The bottom line is that the right kind of industrial pipes could pave the way for a circular economy by conserving resources, decreasing waste, and curbing pollution, all while efficiently facilitating the recycling and reuse of materials.

Choose sustainable industrial piping solutions today

Sustainability is the mantra driving the journey into the future, and industries today need to focus on choosing industrial pipe materials that check this box. Partnering with a comprehensive piping solutions partner like Moglix can make this much easier for your business. We help businesses in various industries find the right type of industrial pipes and pipe fittings for multiple applications from various brands without compromising the overall profitability of your venture. Know more

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