Top Forest Reserves and Wildlife Sanctuaries with Infrastructure for the Best Travel Experience

Have you ever wondered what makes forest reserves & wildlife sanctuaries easy to access for travelers? Well, it is the infrastructure that shapes memorable travel experiences. In this regard, let’s review India’s top forest reserves & wildlife sanctuaries, which promise the best travel experience for their robust infrastructure. Let’s analyze what advanced infrastructure helps improve overall travel quality, accessibility, and comfort for their visitors. 

Forest Reserves & Wildlife Sanctuaries in Northern India with the Best Infrastructure 

Jim Corbett National Park 

Jim Corbett National Park offers jeep safaris to see tigers, elephants, exotic birds, river rafting in the Kosi River, and wildlife insights at the Corbett Museum. 

Alluring infrastructure for travellers:  

  • Forest rest houses at Bijrani 
  • Luxury resorts at Dhikala 
  • Well-maintained roads 
  • Thrilling safari rides 

Dudhwa National Park 

Dudhwa National Park features diverse wildlife like tigers, rhinos and leopards, birdwatching, elephant safaris, nature walks, and discovery of Tharu tribal culture. 

Alluring infrastructure for travellers:  

  • Food courts at Dudhwa Tourist Complex 
  • Jeep Safari, Elephant Safari & Canter Safari 
  • Gov. maintained forest rest houses  
  • Helicopter service  

Dachigam National Park 

Dachigam National Park is famous for the endangered Hangul deer and beautiful landscapes, with opportunities for guided treks, spotting Himalayan birds and mammals, and experiencing serene Marsar Lake.  

Alluring infrastructure for travellers:  

  • Two rest houses in lower Dachigam 
  • Well-connected roads to Srinagar 
  • Regular jeep services 

What’s Unique About the Infrastructure Connecting These Places? 

Pantnagar Airport and NH 7, which connect Delhi to Corbett National Park, provide crucial accessibility. Pantnagar is the nearest air link to the region, while NH 7 ensures smooth drives from Delhi to Jim Corbett and branches to other parks. This robust network enables convenient, fast travel, attracting global nature enthusiasts.  

Forest Reserves & Wildlife Sanctuaries in Southern India with the Best Infrastructure 

Aanamalai Tiger Reserve 

Aanamalai Tiger Reserve features majestic tigers, rich biodiversity, bird watching, picturesque viewpoints, and thrilling jungle safaris. 

Alluring infrastructure for travellers:  

  • 50 furnished and well-maintained rooms 
  • Jungle safari through well-connected roads 
  • Shopping centers at Topslip 

Bandipur National Park 

Bandipur National Park is known for tigers and elephants, with jeep safaris, bird watching, wildlife photography, and serene deciduous forests and hills. 

Alluring infrastructure for travellers:  

  • Jeep and bus safari 
  • Intrepretation centers  
  • Lodges, resorts, and guesthouses 

Periyar National Park 

Periyar National Park is famous for elephant herds and lake cruises, with wildlife sightings, spice garden tours, and nature walks amid lush greenery. 

Alluring infrastructure for travellers:  

  • Day and night safari options  
  • Boating tour through rivers  
  • Periyar Lake Cruise 
  • Jungle Camping 

What’s Unique About the Infrastructure Connecting These Places? 

Let’s see what commuting infrastructure offers easy access to explore the rich wildlife of these southern natural sanctuaries. NH 766 links Kozhikode to Kollegal and passes through Bandipur National Park. It serves as a vital connectivity route to these parks. This highway offers seamless travel and scenic drives through diverse terrains to boost tourism. 

Forest Reserves & Wildlife Sanctuaries in Eastern & Northeastern India with the Best Infrastructure 

Sundarban National Park 

Sundarban National Park features the world’s largest mangrove forest and Royal Bengal tigers, with boat safaris to spot diverse wildlife and experience unique mangrove habitats. 

Alluring infrastructure for travellers:  

  • Well-guarded Tiger Camp 
  • Night safari  
  • Watch towers at Sudhanyakali, Dobanki and Burirdabri 

Gorumara National Park 

Gorumara National Park is known for Indian rhinos, with elephant safaris, jeep rides, bird watching, lush forests, grasslands and rich cultural experiences of local tribes. 

Alluring infrastructure for travellers:  

  • Government-run forest rest houses 
  • Panjhora Wilderness Camp  
  • Dhupjhora Elephant Camp 
  • Rhino Observation Pointf 

Kaziranaga National Park 

Kaziranga National Park is famous for one-horned rhinos, offering elephant and jeep safaris, river cruises to see diverse wildlife amid breathtaking landscapes. 

Alluring infrastructure for travellers:  

  • Government-aided accommodations  
  • Jeep and Elephant safaris   
  • Easy transportation through connected rods 

What’s Unique About the Infrastructure Connecting These Places?  

Let’s look at the infrastructure elements. Interestingly, SH 3 uses corrosion-resistant steel bridges for efficient and durable connectivity to Sundarban National Park’s humid, saline environment. Similarly, NH 717 offers smooth access to Gorumara National Park. For Kaziranga, NH 37, known for its best quality bitumen and remembered for the cycling event in the 2016 Asian Games, provides exceptional connectivity with quality construction, promoting accessibility, eco-travel and conservation. 


India’s top forest reserves & wildlife sanctuaries stand out not only for their natural beauty but also for their good infrastructure. Efficient construction raw material procurement and well-planned infrastructure supply chain solutions have made these destinations highly accessible and tourist friendly. That’s where the expertise of Moglix lies. For more information about construction raw material procurement, visit Moglix’s infrastructure solutions to learn more. 

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